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From what game are these stickers? Answered

I found these on the ground in my local grocery store, and I'm planning to use them in a new game. Before I do that, I'd like to know the above.
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Best Answer 9 years ago

Connect 4 apparently (which would explain the colours).

"Now I had noticed that there were some stickers in the box as well as 2 cardboard side sliders which didn't come in our other box that we had years ago. So on reading the leaflet I then discovered the other games that can be played with these extra bits.


You play the same as connect 4, but you can put a counter in or popout at the bottom one of your counters to help you get 4 in a row.

~~~Pop 10~~~

The grid has to be filled with the counters, then you take turns to popout one counter at a time(it has to be your colour) If the counter you get was part of a connect 4 then keep this counter and have another turn. you have to keep popping them out until you pop one that isn't in a 4-in-a-row.This must then be put into the top again and the other person takes their go. The winner is the first player to get 10 counters.


This is where the side sliders come into play, being make of a stiff cardboard and have 6 smiley counters on them one under the other in alternative colours of red or yellow. This slots onto each side of the grid, you play the same as 4-in-a-row, but with the side counters you aim for 5-in-a-row. The counters on the sliders are counted as ones that have already been played.

~~~Power Up~~~

Now this is where the stickers come in, there are eight yellow and 8 red stickers, with 4 having an Anvil on them, 4 with a Brick Wall, 4 with x2 and 4 with a Wrecker ( ball & chain).

~~~The Anvil~~~

When you use the Anvil it means that all the counters beneath this has to be popped out.

~~~The Wall~~~

When you play the Wall you can play a normal counter straight afterwards, but this counter cannot complete a connect 4.

~~~The x2~~~

With this counter play it and then play another counter straight after as this will count as 3 counters.

~~~The Wrecker~~~

When you play the wrecker you can then choose one of your partners counters to pop out at the bottom. "



9 years ago

Isn't that the bonus bucks game at the Neptonian food mart?