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Front Page Feature Never Showed Up Answered

I got an email stating that my latest instructable was featured on the front page, but I never saw it there. Did anyone else? I got the email around 5:30 am, does that mean it was featured for a bit in the early morning and then disappeared into the tech category? Is there a significant delay between the time something is chosen to be featured and the time it appears on the front page?




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9 years ago

It sucks -- your awesome project basically just got lost behind several things that people featured late yesterday or this morning, including one that's a pretty experiment, but an utter waste of the physics :-(

One issue is that Featured I'bles are presented in the order in which they are featured, not in the order published. This is a reasonable approach, otherwise, something that didn't pick up the feature flag until it was a week or more along would never show up on the front page.

The other issue is that, maybe because of contests running, there seem to be a lot more Tech I'bles (and more really good ones) this week.