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Full Auto M1A1 Thompson Sub Machine Gun Answered

Well this is a little something I put together mainly for show, but also for my grandfather who wanted a full auto tommy gun! Ever since knex war 2013 he thought the Mepain's shotgun turret was a tommy gun and he thought if he got it working correctly it would be full auto and mow everyone down! Little did he know, even due to my best attempts at explaining what it is, how it works, what knex guns are actually capable of doing as of this year, he still full out believed that the tommy gun would destroy everyone. Well now his grandson has built a full auto M1A1 Thompson for show and tell this year, and even though it's very war pratical or strategic at any war scenario, it does show how far we really are from full auto weapons. Although we're an innovative a we will figure it out... eventually. So let's keep up the good work and keep innovating!                                     Now, let me quickly tell you how it works. It's priamarily based of King Louis XIV's full auto mechanism, which is also used in KILLERK's current project DAM. So my version is more closely related to DAM because it's trap based mechanism, you pull the trigger and a little arm pushes a gray connector out of the way, the hatch opens and gray connectors come flying out at a range of about 20 feet. So nothing new or super innovative, just another spray and pray weapon.            Special thanks to Zombiekiller for making the ible for the body, without it I wouldn't have been able to pull of such a good looking Thompson, mainly because I am not a replica maker. Zombiekiller makes a lot of great replicas just waiting to be made into shooting knex guns so I highly recommend checking out his ibles if you haven't already.              Alright thanks for checking out this forum! feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!    JonnyBGood



4 years ago

Thanks for saying how great an Instructables member I 'am Jonny and I promise you and everyone on this website right now that I will bring more outstanding replicas with instructions. Here's the picture of my Thompson that inspired him


Now, because I think you want to hear my actual opinion, I will be (yes, brutally) honest with you. When it comes to mech, great job, you pulled it off well, especially because it is in a replica body. That brings me to my next comment, the body. I will be honest and say that while this is a good start, you might want to try BM2's M1 Thomson, it is much more accurate looking than the start that lukewilliams010 had. Did you know about BM's M1A1?

P.S. Sorry if I sound harsh, I don't mean to be. =D

Well I don't consider it harsh so don't worry about that! Secondly the mech is nothing special, it literally is just a burst. Basically the magazine is one section of KILLERK's DAM and all the gun does is remove the trip which fires the gun. All this gun is built to do is be a auto tommy gun lol.

I may look into blue mullets model M1A1 we'll see. =D

anyway glad you liked it!

Good, I didn't want to sound unkind. =D

Even if this isn't the most exact replica, it is still an awesome idea. Is the ROF at all controlable?

Not at all. Just a burst. I was experimenting with a new mech awhile ago when I sent you that pm. But as you can tell it ended up failing, well not fail, but it wasn't controllable which was the goal. So yeah. I realistically just built a burst fire weapon. But the burst mech system is removable so you can somewhat use it..... lol

Well I'll tell you my thinking behind it.

This mechanism is used on two formats, full automatic with little control, and in semi automatic with precision control. The full auto version of this mechanism is always a vertical magazine which leads directly into the latch style mechanism. Semi automatic versions of this mechanism are always horizontal magazine fed and by pulling the trigger, remove a round and push it into the latch mechanism.

So my idea is that if a full auto will be at all controllable with this mechanism it will have a combination of both semiautomatic and full auto formats. However it will be a little harder than just changing the magazine layout, I already tried that lol. So it'll probably end up being a horizontal magazine with some sort of ratchet mechanism which allow ammo to pass through and be slowed down by some mechanical friction or the trigger mechanism itself.

So yeah, that's my thoughts and work with full automatic knex guns. (Not including my demon machine gun, that was just me building something because I could )

Knex Lego Maniac

4 years ago

very fun project make us a video showing it off in detail!


4 years ago

Cool! I didn't know you two did a collab'.


Reply 4 years ago

Yeah kind of. He built a Tommy gun and i had a mechanism. Worked out well for both of us. I've been also getting constant updates about the DAM since Kyle first conceived it so I've been playing with a gun version of the mechanism for two months now..

Glad you like it though!