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Full Wave and Half wave rectifier (220 Volts AC to 5Volts DC) ? Answered

I have to make a Full wave and half wave rectifiers which step down 220 volts~ AC to 5 volts DC. 
I am pretty aware of the circuit diagrams , I would appreciate anyone helping me with the exact diodes and transformers i need and where i can get them. 
Please do let me know about a SAFE circuitry 


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Best Answer 6 years ago

Hi Aditya,

I'm guessing that you require these circuits for a 11/12th standard electronics project. As you are aware of the circuit diagrams, I will not show you any.

Your main parts list would be for the bridge wave rectifier:

1. Step down Transformer- 220V/12V.

2. 4 diodes. Part no: IN4007 or IN4001

3.IC 7805

4. Capacitors- 470 microfarad and 2 * 0.1 micro farad.

5. Perf board, soldering iron and solder wire.

If you stay in Mumbai, Lamington Road (Grant road station) is one of the best places to buy all your components from.

For the Half wave rectifier you will only have to change the quantity of diodes used.


6 years ago

Rectifiers do rectify, i.e. convert AC in (a kind of crappy) DC. They will not reduce the voltage (apart from the drop of the diode's forward voltages). To lower the voltage (AC, before rectifying) you need a transformer.

For the exact values ... well, that's YOUR homework.


6 years ago

First is full wave, Second is half wave, third explains it self.

Why would you want half wave ?

Half wave ripple is hard to filter out.

5VDC_REG.PNGhalfwave 5VDC_REG.PNGripple1.bmp