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Fundraising for Non-profit Organisation? Answered

Dear all,

I am currently a Volunteer with an NGO (Aids info service and Sexuality) and we are planning to have activities on the 14th of February which is Valentine's Day to allow to get some funds that we can use to support the activities during the year.  My question would be what can we do in order to make this event very successful as well as to maximise revenue.  What we have plan is to have an event where couples would reserve a table and have dinner then by late night to have a dance party.

Here are a list of things that we have/are still being discussed.
Place of event
Procedures/ Permits
Cash Desk

It would be very interesting to add use many cheap and DIY easy things to make the event look very different and more appealing.  For all the points mentioned above it would be nice to have more ideas about those as well and if new categories of things needs to be added you are most welcome to share it with.  Could ywe please shareme more ideas of what can be done to make the event more successful and memorable for everyone


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