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Funky Ball Challange Answered

Funky Ball Idea.

I had a crazy idea pop into my head last night.  These things happen.

I call it Funky Ball.  I am not quite up to the task at the moment as I have my hands full of several other projects. I consider my ideas "Open Source" so hope someone with more time and talent will find this a challenge and run with it! 

The only "Licensing" condition, post pictures and a video here and let me copy them to my personal project page.

Here is the idea posted on my site.

------------- Here it is here ! ( same thing but I might update stuff on the site later ) ---------

This idea came to me...I have no idea why.

A transparent or translucent ball with illumination inside so there is a glow when seen rolling down the sidewalk.

The tough part.

Only one side glows!

The tougher part.

That side is always NORTH !  ( or South depending on your politics )

So here we have a ball rolling down a dark path with the same side always illuminated.  It should appear as if it is floating down the path because the illuminated side never changes position.


One color on NORTH and one on South.

Perhaps color changing RGB LED's?

Perhaps a "head light" always illuminating direction of travel with a tail light.

The illuminated side is always the side in the direction the ball is rolling.


Arduino and compass  or gyro/attitude shield?

Anyone ?