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Funny Joke Answered

Ok here's a pretty good joke I heard earlier ... .... ....

Ok so there were three rugby players ...

one from australia (yeh)
one from south africa (eh)
and one from NZ (ooh!)

so the go down to uh one of the certain countries where alcahol is band (???)
they end up having a party and well start to drink some beer and all that ...
then a local police officer comes to see whats going on ...
he finds out what they've been up to and starts to whip the three ... but

"Hey South Africa, I heard you played well in the world cups, so I am going to grant you a wish
before I give you your 30! lashes" (officer)

"Ok, I wish for one pillow strapped to my back please." (SA)

So the cop lashes him 1,3,5,and ten times.  But the pillow disintegrates and the player carries 20 lashes

"Hey, it's australia ... I  saw you played really well durig the games!! I'll grant you one wish before I give you your 30 lashes."  (officer)

"Ok I wish for 2 pillows strapped to my back!" (aussie)

he gets whipped 20 times and his 2 pillows fade away too so he recieves 10 lashes.

"Wow it's NEW ZEALAND !!! I seen you play REAL well in the games I 'm happy to grant you 2 wishes"

"Ok for my first wish I want 50 lashes" NZ  "ohh someones trying to be the tough guy hahaha" (cop)

"and for my second wish i want that AUSSIE strapped to my back instead!" NZ

Ok that was it please comment!


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