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Fusion 360 Classes Answered

RockIT CoLabs is hosting a a couple of inexpensive Fusion 360 classes.    

July 16 - 3D Modeling Basics for Beginners - Sketches and Essential tools.   - $20

July 23- 3D Modeling Basics for Beginners - Using Sculpting Tools - $20

With 3D printing you can turn ideas into reality, but how do you make YOUR ideas into a printable design? Even with no previous experience, you can learn all the basics for modeling software in one day using Autodesk Fusion 360. Create a custom name tag keychain while gaining experience and confidence with using the most commonly used tools in the modeling environment and learn how to use a 3D printer to print your design.

Kris Struble of Near Future Education Advocates is providing RockIT CoLabs students with an amazing low-cost educational opportunity for students to learn the software and skills to make your ideas a reality with 3D printing. This class is limited to only 10 students so Kris can provide each student with the attention they deserve.

Introduction to 3D printers and how a file is printed using Host software
Learn how to navigate around the Autodesk Fusion 360 modeling environment
Step by Step walk through using the all the most used tools for 3D model creation
Use those skills to create a custom name tag key chain
Hands on experience printing your model

A laptop running Windows 7 or OSX10.7 or newer Operating System. Autodesk Fusion 360 software downloaded and installed, creating a free account with Autodesk A mouse with a scroll wheel

Kris Struble is an education advocate who specializes in teaching CAD and 3D printing. He routinely teaches this craft to young students in various public schools, after-school programs and summer camps. Kris has an amazing ability to make CAD and 3D printing interested, fun and understandable to students of all ages. He is currently working on a bicycle powered hat knitting machine made nearly entirely with 3D printed parts.



5 years ago

How did the classes go? I want to learn, and so does my 16 year old daughter. When are the next classes?


Reply 5 years ago

Hi RickSmithAuthor,

Let me check with the instructor to see when we can get more classes on the calendar. The first series of classes were a big success.

Please join our email list so you will be notified of new classes. Or, if you don't hear back, please ping me again here in about a week.

Darren Overby, RockIT CoLabs.


5 years ago

Hi Kiteman, Sorry. I just updated the main topic to include this information. The classes are $20 each.


5 years ago

How much is "inexpensive"?

Where are they?