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Fusion 360 for 10.10 macs? Answered

I'm trying to use Fusion 360 on a macbook running 10.10 Yosemite. I cannot upgrade OS and I cannot install Fusion 360. There is no web based options (Yes, Jon-A-Tron, I went to your link in previous posts... was only a file viewer). Any good alternatives or work arounds?



1 year ago

I can tell you my experience with fusion 360, on a Mac book pro 10.13 wasn't real good. Ive installed it on 2 mac books and it was slow and glitchy, and would crash randomly. It was so bad I never even had a chance to spend any time with Fusion in the end i just gave up.

Ive installed virtual box on my mac and run it on windows xp. I then use Prodesktop (old but good) and vcarve which does everything i need and has been very reliable.

Just reply or message me if you want to know how to do it.