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GE Adora Front Loader with no power? Answered

We bought a used GE Adora Front Loading washer. We should have done our homework first but now we're 5 months into this. Out of nowhere I cannot get it to power on to save my life. We've unplugged it, tripped the power and nothing. My husband was able to get it back on after some playing around with the buttons and controls but now it's just plain dead. It was running fine until then, no problems, no leaks, no nothing. I hate to make an expensive service call but there has to be something. Any suggestions?



10 years ago

. First thing I would check is the safety interlock switch on the door.


Answer 10 years ago

We both though of that one first? I bust the door-switch on my dryer and had to bypass it - total pain to do, but something flimsy can hold-up the whole machine... L


10 years ago

Hmm. It could be a faulty door-switch? My machine failed due to water-leakage onto the main-on/off (bypassed it). Could be a general control unit failure (it happens).
I'd check the fuse, then inspect the inside for damage, then consider whether I'd be better buying another one or spending money on 'professional' help.

Do look elsewhere on the internet, I wasn't able to find your specific problem but this is one complaint: