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GPS for pets Answered

I am looking for a GPS system that will locate your pet cat or dog that has disappeared.  I know that there are microchips implanted in pets to identify them when they have been displaced and rescued.  There is also telemetry that is used with wildlife to track animals. 

Any ideas? 




8 years ago

If your pet has already disappeared there is not much that can be done to track it down. My dog once ran away, we spent the better part of the day looking all over to find him. When we went home we found him trying to get back into the house by himselft :D

Implanted chips will identify a pet once it has been found by someone. I recently read a story about a cat that travelled 1800 miles across the USA that was identified using just such a chip.

To really track an animal there are companies that produce wildlife GPS systems that can weigh as little as 2 grams but can be larger for larger pets.

Other than those two "standard" solutions I don't think there are many wildlife tracking systems that work well in an urban environment. RF tags might not work properly with much of a range with the RF background noise of a city.


8 years ago

Get your pet a cell-phone. I don't think they need a smart-phone, that might run up your data minutes. Seriously, some phone services do have a "parent mode" tracking system for the phone's location. The ipad has a similar feature built in on one of the apps.