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GPS on a Netbook Answered

So, I finally picked a netbook, ended up with an Eee PC 1016P (not pictured). Well, I bought it two weeks ago, but the magic of UPS math meant that 3-day shipping took a week, so it arrived at home the day after I went back to school. Point is...

The thing seems like a great candidate to install a GPS module, given its size and battery life. In a topic from my young(er) and stupid(er) days, LasVegas suggested I get a Holux GR 213, which wasn't helpful three and a half years ago, but is now.

I guess my real question is, what are my options? I'd like to come as close as I can to replicating the Garmin Nuvi 350 I've been using, but I'm also stingy. I've seen packages of software and antenna for $100 or more, but I'm thinking more like $30-$40 for the antenna and free software, if it exists.


Nick Shep

8 years ago

I'm looking into the same sort of setup right now, the Globalsat BU-353 seems to be the best value USB GPS antenna, I don't know about US pricing but they are about £30 in the UK.


There is a US based forum at laptopgpsworld.com that would be a good place for you to find out about software that would suit your needs best, needs vary so much with navigation that I wouldn't want to suggest anything - I'm looking at Oziex0plorer but I will be using my setup off the roads and in other countries so the ability to calbrate scanned or downloaded maps and satellite photos is an advantage for me.

Best of luck.


8 years ago

You can get bluetooth GPS modules about the size of a pager, which communicate with navigation software on a computer; I have one that came with my Nokia N770. I would imagine they maintain a communication over bluetooth with the computer saying "where am I?" and the GPS responding with a set of co-ordinates, and possibly information about which satellites are visible.

I have recently acquired a netbook and may soon acquire a car, so this is something I should pay attention to. I think the major problem might be the software- I would really like "offline Google maps" but I'm not sure such a thing exists.

Bluetooth GPS modules are definitely under $100- here are two I found from a quick Google:
30GBP from Maplin
25GBP from totalPDA

Mapping software will probably require a lot of Googling, but here's something that looks likely using OpenStreetMap:
Better Software GPS

I think I'll have to dig out the old GPS and try that one out when I get home.


8 years ago