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GREY WATER GARDENING. New gardeners in San Francisco need help. Answered

We would love to know a legalish, inexpensive, and DIY way to divert some of the grey water in our household out to our new garden.


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11 years ago

Well, im no expert on environmental tech, but if you put a bucket or two in your in your shower and let it fill up with the extra shower water. Its ghetto, but hey!, as long as your garden is watered while saving our rescources its worth it, right?


11 years ago

Here's a link to California's guide for graywater standards for single family residences.
(Forward to the manual)
California's Graywater Standards are now part of the State Plumbing Code, making
it legal to use graywater everywhere in California. These standards were developed and
adopted in response to Assembly Bill 3518, the Graywater Systems for Single Family
Residences Act of 1992.
This Guide was prepared to help homeowners and landscape and plumbing contractors
understand the Graywater Standards and to help them design, install and maintain
graywater systems.
Carlos Madrid
Chief, Division of Local Assistance

The guide takes you through the whole process.

This next link is for the revision which expands the guide for commercial and industrial use.

Whether you go legal or "legalish" read the health and safety section.
Thanks for taking care of our planet!