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GY6 Questions? Answered

I bought a 150cc go kart a while back, and want to take it sand duning. Problem is, it doesnt have enough power on sand. The model is the KM-2150R.  I found out that the engine is a clone of the 150cc Honda GY6. I recently got offered to buy a 250cc honda scooter with a genuine Honda GY6 that is 250cc. Could I put the engine from the scooter in my kart? They use the same transmission, and look very similar, if not the same from the outside.



7 years ago

An engine swap is always a very a good way to give your slow machine some real gut's.However, in terms of Cost/Benefit a better solution may be to put some go fast goodies on your current motor. There are many companies on the net selling everything you need.

Good Luck



Answer 7 years ago

Yeah Ive put on a bunch of performance parts, CVT roller weights, adjusted CVT, performance exhaust, new carb, etcetc. Still not enough though for sand, The trannie just isn't strong enough and the motor cant build up enough RPMs.