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Game Console Answered

I was just wondering how easy it would be to make your own simple game console to hook up to tvs. dosent have to have 3d graphics but it would be a plus. i just kinda want something to play around with and make my own games for it. price isnt really a problem but even a computer that can run .exes from a cd, and plug into a tv, and posibly even play through a online server with other people. edit: ok i meant like using microcontrolers now. i want to make a gamboy like system and possibly even wireless. i know you can play games using micro comtrolers, but no idea what i would need. anyone with any idea about this please comment. oh, and a lcd screen too, so that would prolly ne a little work, but im up for it



11 years ago

Used computers (refurbished from dealers specialized on it) sell Pentium I systems for $10-$50. Those can run emulators such as NES or SNES, and lots of development tools have been arround. Or you make flashgames which are comparably easy to do.
A Graphiccard with TV-Out is dirt-cheap on eBay, or you get a VGA2Video Converterbox for maybee 30-50 bucks.

Also you can hack one of these C64 retro videogame controllers you hook up to the TV to run (selfmade) games.

Or build a gameboy/gamegear type of console (kit)

Other projects using microcontrollers:


11 years ago

a computer is a good console. companies like newspaper factories usually get new computers every few years. the old computers work fine, but are a little old. being used, they are very affordable. i have seen used p4s going for 150 dollars. ask around. you can even get emulators to simulat a real game console.