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Game maker 8 Pokemon game Help Answered


I am making a pokemon game in Game maker 8 Pro Version.  I am hopeless at scripting with the GML ( with other types of scripting as well ). I can make the backgrounds but I have no Idea on how to make the battle scenes. So if you go into the grass it chooses a random number between one and 5 and if it is 1 a pidgey will apear 2 a caterpie will appear etc. etc etc.. Then Also the EXP and Health the PP and the pokemon attack moves themselves.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is : Does anyone know what I should do ?





Answer 8 years ago

Hey ArcticWolf_Girl !

Nah its not a ROM file, I use a program called Game maker ( allows you to make games and publish them to their website - look up gamemaker - should be under yoyo games.) I'm asking for help with writing some code for a game I WAS making - geek stuff ;)

Anyway, thanks for helping - your one in 433 (433 views, one reply !)

Nathan (Ghostmonkeys)


Answer 7 years ago

Scripting really isn't my thing anyway. I can do a little, but I probably just would've ended up confusing you as well as myself. @.@ But good luck with your game, and I'd love to play it! ;D