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Game turn indicator - how to build? Answered

My family likes to play a particular card game called Phase 10. The way it works is that after each hand, the deck is handed to the next person to deal from.  We're often so busy chatting/having fun we forget exactly whose turn it is to deal. Not a big deal of course, but all our attempts to keep track have failed.  I thought it would be cute to set up a little strip of LEDs and have them be controlled by a button. Push button, next LED lights up, with each LED assigned to a player so we know whose turn it is to deal next.  There's nothing commercial I could find, and I don't know enough about LEDs, controllers, etc, to do so - so I'm looking for someone who can explain what has to be done (and the materials) so I can build it... or if someone wants to take on the project and get paid for it too, that works.  It's meant to be a christmas present for my father (who's the worst one of all about remembering whose turn it is) so - that's the estimated deadline.

Anyone got info for me on how to set this up?



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Eye Poker
Eye Poker

7 years ago

You could try this.



8 years ago

I think it would be much more fun to have a Hat of Dealershipness.

Get or make a special hat that gets passed along from dealer to dealer.

Maybe even add a waistcoat, and aim for this...