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Gameboy Color cart opened, chips removed. Wondering if anyone has specs for them? Answered

I decided that I should do something with some of those old Gameboy Color games I had lying around, so I opened one. Inside, I found 4 chips, along with a 3v battery, a tilt sensor, and various capacitors and resistors. I was wondering what each of the chips do, as far as their use. And could I use them again for a different purpose? Here are the chips:
*Small 8DIL with the Microchip logo, and 106 134A
*Square chip with 8 pins on each side(32 in total), M8C3 -2 047U3E
*Thin rectangular with 22 pins on both sides(44 in total), MX E012304-M MX23C1603-12A 1C9868A1
*28 pin rectangular, BSI BS62LV256SC-70 S2827V53114.N F0110 Taiwan(Obviously that means it was made in Taiwan)

Just a quick check to see if anyone knew what any of these were. Thank you!


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