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Gameboy Volt / Speed ? Answered

Hi, I am working on a little project with my olde Gameboy Color !

I am taking it out of its case, and building a wooden / bronze one in SteamPunk Style.

Now to get even Nerdier i am considering to build a "Stirling engine" and power the little machine with a Dynamo attached to it!

However this might turn out, i would like to know if the dynamo generates more than 3V if that would speed the Gameboy up, or simply fry it?

I will add a Good Resistor to prevent that btw :p


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8 years ago

First of all most Stirling Engines barely run under there own power. Secondly the ones that are able to generate power are not cheap. If you get one that is able to generate 3V or more then you will want to use a voltage regulator to keep that voltage at 3V so you don't burn out the GBC. A simple resistor will limit the current going into the GBC but won't limit the voltage. You need more then a resistor to protect the GBC.


Reply 8 years ago

Thank you for the Reply :)

Yes the "Stirling engine" is the idea i have so far..
It would be really cool.

I will read more about it.

For now i will just create a Custom Case then :)

I share it here once i make good progess :D