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Games for Change Answered

Everyone loves video games. And most everyone loves social change. So, video games for social change.... a sure winner!

If you're in New York City next week, be sure to check out the Games for Change Conference.

It's hosted by Parsons School of Design, the greatest school on the planet (I might be biased).



11 years ago

Well, there is also a local contest in oregon that started this year called ogpc. chech out there website. it's cool because it runs off of gamemaker, a free but powerfull game engine. (btw, my team won the last one)


11 years ago

This is another game development competition... one that targets girls, to encourage them to consider computing as a career.


Here's why Games for Girls are important:

Girls represented just 15 percent of Advanced Placement computer science (CS) exam-takers in 2006; that’s the lowest female representation of any AP exam.

In 2007 women earned only 19 percent of all CS degrees. Back in 1984, women earned 37 percent of CS degrees.

Women hold more than half of all professional occupations in the U.S. but fewer than 26 percent of all computing-related occupations.

Only 13 percent of Fortune 500 technology companies have women corporate officers.

A study on U.S. technology patenting reveals that patents created by mixed-gender teams are the most highly cited (an indicator of their innovation and usefulness); yet women were involved in only 9 percent of U.S. tech patents.