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Garden Light Solar Cell in Series? Answered

I'm working on a project that involves garden light solar cells. Each one produces 1.5V (I have two of them).  I have them currently wired in a series yet my readings keep coming as zero. I've checked my wiring a few times and it all seems okay.  Here is the set up...

+___(+__-)___-(+__-)___-       hopefully this makes sense. I am not well educated in circuit drawings. The ()s are the cells themselves and the underscores are the wires. 


EDIT: So I found the problem: it was the connections in between each + and - within the solar cell. so (+__-) I had a wire connecting when I should've left it alone. 


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9 years ago

yeah; like your edit, treat them like batteries -- just positive to negative if you want them to increase voltage.

[- +][- +][- +][- +]

[- +] = cell