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Garden Tractor Front end loader/Bucket Answered

I am looking for ideas for a DIY front end loader/bucket for a Craftsman T80 Garden Tractor/Lawn Mower. I would prefer a 12 volt system with electric lift and electric tilt on the bucket but am very flexible on ideas.


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1 year ago

I don't have any plans, but I would be thinking along the lines of a cheap Harbor Freight 12 volt electric winch. Each tractor is going to be a custom-designed / dimensions but create some sort of a Deadman stopping point on a bucket scooping motion. So as the cable continues to retract, the bucket scooping action will stop and the boom will be raised.

The weight of Construction will be enough to freespool the which back down and level. The good part is these things have controls with plenty long enough cord and also come wireless to operate easily from seat.

Works well with rear raised implementation too! Especially rear towed rakes, mower decks, and snow blades!

I feel hydraulic driven on lawn tractor is a bit difficult

Hopefully the redneck saves the day for Once! Have fun