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Garmin TMC (Traffic Message Channel) Module Answered

Ok I'm looking into this and I am looking to see if anyone has ever built one before?
if so can they provide detailed instructions for building one.
and if not if anyone would be willing ot suggest ideas on how one might build one.
from the parts required I am almost certain that one can build on from cheap parts and even salvaged from other electronics.

from what I can tell to build one for much less than most to all the current companies that are trying to sell them for one would probably only need these parts.

Fm decoder module obviously
usb mini b male plug
Cigarette lighter power adapter



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9 years ago

I did a quick search on TMC and found this link below that has a lot of information. I guess you need to built a RDS (Radio Data System) modem and interface it to usb so you can view data on a computer. I know Motorola makes a RDS ic. Then you would need a micro controller to read and parse it. I've done a few projects similar to this.

TMC info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_Message_Channel
RDS info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_Data_System

What do you want to make with this info?