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Garmin nuvi suffers an untimely end Answered

Help me save my Nuvi.  I was replacing a battery that would not hold a charge when the screen module slipped taking with it the flexible circuit connection to the main circuit board.  My attempt to revive the Nuvi is now on life support as I'm not sure if the connection is mechanical or uses some kind of adhesive... If anyone can shed light on this pesky problem it would be much appreciated.



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10 years ago

Haven't taken mine apart but it sounds like it might use the same kind of flexible ribbon connector like in an ipod (look through images in my ipod ible) The connector might have a tab to flick open and the what looks like a bare end of a ribbon cable is slid into the connector on the circuit board.  The ribbon cable is then clamped in place when the connector tab is pressed close. No glue.  Maybe that helps.  Good luck.