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Gcode for arduino Answered

so this is an idea but also a question. so I want to make a cnc but rather then going down the conventional way I want a plug and play system. the idea is to use something like https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/d1cAAOSwXshaQF6k/s-...

the things I want to add is its own driver and nano, 2 endstops and a rotary encoder.

Are Arduino nano's capable of taking g-code, sending to nema while reading an encoder and endstops?

also is there a way to have on the nano a limit on movement. so it knows its length (defined by user) and then if a code comes in that will make it go past the endstop it sends error code?

also this needs to run on i2c or usb and synchronise with other similiar setups for better archs and such?


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