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Gen6 board for 3D printer not connecting anymore. Answered

Last night my printer decided to have a nervous breakdown and refused to show in the print program.
Still shows up as a Com port but that's about it.
Had quite a few software installations and driver updates since last use, so I confirmed the connection problems with a XP install on a USB stick that I used as a backup system for the printer in the past.
Proterface, Repetier host and so on simply refuse to connect.
With just the green LED on the board troubleshooting is not easy, same for checking a ROM dump with no bootloader installed.

Of course easy way out would be to flash the original firmware again but the manufacturer refuses to supply the file without paying close to 100$ for the pack including a programmer - which I don't need as I have working ISP programmer based on Arduino.
I would not mind installing a different firmware as I don't even know what the original is based on, but without the proper config for the printer setup and calibration will be a pain in the .....
All I basically wanted was to test some new hotend designs but it seems the printer did not like being unused for several months :(
Is there any easy way to check the board or why it is no longer communicating with the software?
Should I try to install a bootloader so I can dump the installed firmware?
Was planning on turning the printer into a properly working machine anyway one day, but not totally from scratch with new electronics if you know what I mean :(



4 years ago

Did you figure this out? I had the same issue on my airwolf 3d. Turns out the Gen6 board had a fake FTDI chip on it and the FTDI driver disabled it.