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Generatore to Home hookup Answered

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​Pulling my hairs out (and very few left ) Contrary information on wire size for 50 amps. I'd like to use some leftiver #8 cable for the run from Mains to outside outlet, for a generator. Here it states #8;
1)  I had already resigned to needing #6, because I've seen that more often than #8 in my exhaustive reading. I can't speak to the codes/locations question.
2) just because the generator outlet is 4- wires, 50 amps, 120/ 240V. Does the connecting cable, and plugs+outlets, ALL need to have the separate Ground and Neutral? There are so many 4 - 3 wire conversion examples out there- text and video/pictures. For RVs, welders, etc.


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3 years ago

8 gauge Cu wire has 0.628 ohms / 1kft

6 gauge Cu wire has 0.395 ohms / 1kft

Say your run is 100' then 50A on AWG 8 will loose V=IxR=50x0.628x100/1000 = 3.14volts or 157 watts in each wire...

Then if you run the same 50A for 100' on AWG 6 will lose

1.98volts or 99 watts in each wire load wire...

Now you decide which wire you want to use and I hope you can run a shorter

Technically AWG 5 vinyl wire is what is recommended in a conduit for 50 Amp continues load...

I assume that is single phase 240 VAC with a split 120 VAC and a neutral=gnd.

If you do not need the 120 volt tap them you can run only 3 wires.

The neutral can be a smaller gauge it only has to trip help the breakers when a fault sends current through ground...

BTW do you notice every three wire sizes double or half in area...