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Genetic Circuit Design Answered

Hackaday recently posted an article about genetic programming which was pretty cool (although technically it used a stochastic hill climbing algorithm....but who's counting?)
The really cool thing was posted by acedio in the comments: genetic circuit design

What these researchers have done is implemented genetic circuit design on an FPGA to create a circuit to light a light when someone says "go" into a microphone and turn it off when someone says "stop". Which is not really groundbreaking...but the way the genetic algorithm created the circuit is pretty amazing, it used what normal designers would consider unwanted characteristics of the circuit such as stray capacitance and inductance between components to "create" unavailable components out of logic gates, and because of this the researchers have no idea how it works!

Computers can now design circuits in ways that would be damned near impossible for humans to do, how cool is that??!
Deep thought here we come!


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9 years ago

im saeid pishro
im from iran & i love ths site and your person
I have my degree in mechanical engineering manufacturing Vgraysh
I want to do a project on genetic algorithm to provide the University
Please, "I see a bee algorithms on the robot or the like or better than the marine shrimp


12 years ago

That is rediculously amazing. Thanks!


Reply 12 years ago

no worries! i was pretty amazed when i read it. i feel some tinkering with genetic algorithms coming on....