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Get Car Dealers to Donate Cars Answered

Hello Friends,

Car donations can be a good source of added income for many non-profit organizations. What amounts to a tax write-off for many dealerships can be turned around and sold so the charities can increase their ability to help their causes. If you are interested in getting an automobile donation, asking a dealership to donate may be a good option. Calculate all the facts and figures before you even contact a dealership about getting a donation. Car dealers are traditionally bottom-line oriented people. This means they understand numbers well. If you can show what your operating budget and expenses are and how a donation can be a financial help to you and how the tax break will help the dealer, you will be better off.

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Tim Boon

Donating Cars


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8 years ago

I asked this last time you posted about this charity; 93% of the donations go on "raising awareness". How much of the remaining 7% is actually spent on diagnosing or treating prostate cancer, and how much is spent on wages of the charity administrators?