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Getting Sulpey clay out of a mold? Answered

Hey, I'm wanting to make some speaker housings out of Sculpey clay, and I was wondering, what's a good way to get sculpey out of a mold? I was thinking of molding it on the inside of a cup that I like the shape of, but I don't know how to get it out without it sticking and ripping... Should I spray the inside of the cup with non-stick spray or something?


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Best Answer 10 years ago

Definitely oil the cup and ensure there are no undercuts, as rickharris suggests. After that, three ideas:

1) If you put the cup in the freezer after you apply the Sculpey, it will firm up and resist deforming a little better, which may allow you to remove it from the mold with minimal damage. Sculpey is a little too soft to remove from deep molds without deforming when it's at room temperature or warmer. You just want to leave it in the freezer long enough to get firm without freezing it solid.

2) Leave some extra Sculpey hanging over the lip of the cup, and then squish it down onto a baking sheet with some unoiled aluminum foil on it. If you're lucky, the Sculpey will adhere to the foil, allowing you to carefully lift the cup off. You'll probably have to clean up the edge either before or after baking, but Sculpey sands well when it's cured. Combining this with the freezer treatment above may give better results.

3) If the cup is oven-safe you might try baking it in the cup to help it retain the shape. The shrinkage factor should allow easy removal. Or it might permanently bond to the cup and destroy it. If you're willing to risk the cup, it's worth a shot.


10 years ago

oil the inside of the cup - Vegetable oil should do.

Not a lot will stick to it.

make sure your mould does not have any under hangs to prevent the product being removed.

Make sure the mould is capable of being oven baked.

Sculpty (Fimo) will shrink slightly when hardened.