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Getting a perspective easement filled? Answered

How do you get squatters rights? and how do you file for them?


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1 year ago

In most countries you won't get these "rights".
Let's face it: You want to declare something to be yours and use it without having any right to do so.
Finders keepers might work for a roll of money you find in the bushes but not for real estate.
Some countries have a weird view on this though and consider it a "legal" thing if no one complains.
And appearently after a set amount of time the squatter can try to transfer the property into his/her name.
If the property then has no rightful owner anymore it would fall into the city's/council's property portfolio and responsibility.
As it is often cheaper not to care some of them are actually willing to such transfers to get rid of the property.
But with that then comes the responsibility of the former squatter to get everything up to current code and specs.
And no, nothing like this comes free of charge.
If then, years later a rightful owner appears, like when realising the property went to him/her, for example by birth right, then the squatter is usually required to give it up - with all the repairs and things done to that point for free.
Just because the property got transfered to the squatter does not mean that duty of care was followed in the process ;)
If anything make an inquiry at your concil about the property in question.
You might be lucky and they give it to you for free ;)