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Getting started! Answered

Hello everyone, I just found this site last night and lets just say that i didnt get to much sleep!

A quick introduction about me. Im 24y old guy from sweden. I loved taking electronic stuff apart as a kid (not so much putting them back together) and i did some experementing in school but it soon faded. I then went on to become an electrician(house/construction installations) and have been working as one for 6 years now but never really went back into electronics. The last few years LED's has been getting big as the main lightsource in our homes but the comercial solutions aren't always satisfactory, hence my renewed interest in this. Only thing i've done outside of work is built some computers but never really modding. As if i didnt  have enough to do in my spare time i now wanna get into this, so i have a few questions on how to get started:

- What basic tools do i need?
Soldering kit, precision screwdrivers, multimeter......more?
-What store is best for getting supplies/tools?
Is it ebay or do you prefer a specific company? Any site that is better/worse to use living in sweden? Also should i stock up on basic components or just get what i need for my projects?
-Is there any other communities that supplements this one?
Any Swedish sites perhaps?
-Anything else i should know before buying some stuff and starting?
Right know im mostly focused on mods involving LED and lighting in general. Suggestions about that?

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section but i didnt really find any better place. I know this might not be as exciting as the other questions in here but all input is greatly appreciated! 

TLDNR: What do i need to know/have to get started modding electronics?




6 years ago

Hi All!
I am new to this site and want to say thanks to the admin for accepting me here. I love to make discussion with peoples. Hope to spend a good time with you. Wish you all the best.


6 years ago

Thanks for the replies so far. I do have some basic knowledge of electronics and the stuff i dont remember im sure i will pick up on pretty easy when i start reading about them.

What im looking for most right now is a good online store to get my supplies. Perhaps ebay is cheapest but im willing to pay a bit more if i get good service and can get everything from the same place. Would also be nice to have a site where you can browse around easier and not needing to search for specifics. What's your "go to" site?`



6 years ago

Learning to read common schematics helps understand how circuits are laid out, and a little imagination will make it (eventually) easy to see ways to mod something.


6 years ago

Welcome to the site!

I would suggest start with a basic soldering set, and hand tools like wire-cutters, square-nosed pliers, needle-nosed pliers.

If you're mainly into LED & lighting, a multimeter is probably not a massively high priority.

You might find it useful to browse other folk's projects, see what tools you'd need to complete those, and that will give you an ides of the sort of things you need to invest in.

Lighting contest link.

LED projects.

Lighting projects