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Getting started for a beginner Answered

Hi there, I hope this is in the right forum.

So, I have always liked to work with my hands, seeing things people made and thinking "I WOULD LOVE TO GET INTO THAT" and I recently decided to make good on my wishes and wish to really get into the DIY scene.

I'm looking for help on what tools I should get my hands on to start working on things. An example of something I wish tor re-create would be this:


I'm not looking for help on what it takes to make up the end product but rather the tools one would use consistently to make everything fit and what not. Is there a sort of beginners toolbox or something of that sort I should look into getting?

Sorry if this is confusing, I'm confusing even myself a bit, haha.

On a side note, does everyone here have a garage they work in? I'm in NYC and as many of you know it's not the easiest place to have a workbench. Can anyone recommend me places you would go to work on projects?

Thank you in advance.


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4 years ago

Everyone? Obviously not... I make stuff in the desk that I have in my room, and in our balcony.

If you're into electronics, it really depends in what, but if you're an organized person, I don't think you need a big workbench. It all depends on what you're into...

If you're looking for the tools you need to electronics, take a look at the YouTube channel "EEVblog" (something like that). Dave has several videos on what you need.

You don't need a big workshop/workbench for everything... Probably most of the people that post big woodworking Instructables have a workshop that's full of several thousands of dollars worth of tools, and the exact opposite for other subjects...

You might need a soldering iron some solder, and a fume extractor. You might need some scissors for a craft project. You might need a huge space that's full of tools... What types of projects are you planning on trying/making?


4 years ago

I actually do most of my stuff on the kitchen table.

NYC Maker Fair is at the Queens Hall of Science this weekend.

Check out the local Microcenter stores for your PC and electronics parts. The only tools you need to assemble a PC are a screwdriver, pliers and a well lit area to work in. If you are custom building a case, you will get tools as you find a need and then begin the vicious cycle of upgrading them, drills, drivers, saws, power tools...

Tools are found at the many Home Depot, Lowes, Harbor Freight, local hardware stores.

There is NYC Resistor, a Brooklyn hackerspace that has open nights to attend, never been to it though.

Good luck.