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Getting started to microcontrollers(designing and making a development board or just using it in a circuit ) Answered

Please I would like some help to get started with micro controllers. I would please like to know how to design and build my own development board but using a different controller and also how to use the to just make a circuit like the instructable on the Aurora 9 bar. Thank you.


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7 years ago

You usually don't jump into designing a board without having experimented with the microcontroller and built a prototype circuit that fits your needs like a LED display. The Aurora projects were designed and built by someone knowledgeable of PIC microcontroller chips and its development environment to code the necessary commands to run the LED display and was able to interface it with the electronics to drive the LEDs.

Arduinos, Basic STAMP, propeller, PIC, AVR chips all have established development boards, accessories, and the coding process in the public domain for you to use. Look up the many instructables for each. For a beginner, I would suggest getting an Arduino UNO and play with that since there are so many tutorials and examples to follow. The others may be a little more difficult to grasp since they may require advanced coding because they are built around the chips that are embedded in commercial products. Good luck.