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Ghost-Instructable - it's there but it's not Answered

I've published a german instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/EMSA-Gewürzgläser-beschriften). I can find it via google (seraching for "EMSA Gewürzgläser Schriftart" first result entry), but if I look under "You" - "Instructables (1)" it says

Puiblished (1)

You haven't published any instructables, yet


Could it be there are problems with german umlauts in instructable names?



4 years ago

You're most likely caught in the automatic filters, since only one of your three steps has an image.

Add (your own) images to the steps, drop an email to service@instructables.com to say you've done that, and you'll be fine.


4 years ago

You instructable is published on our German site. See the screen capture, you're at the top of the recent feed. Also on our German site you have published 2 instructables, see the second screen capture. The way the system works is that non english language instructables only show up on our non english language sites via search and member page look up. Therefore via our English site, where we currently are, you have only published one instructable as only one is in English. While on our other language sites you get whatever language the site is, and any English instructables that the member also wrote.
Any other questions feel free to poke me.

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4 years ago

You could publish it directly on the German Instructables website:


And if you use "emsa gewürzgläser beschriften" in Google, yours is the first hit.

Maybe it helps to use "beschriften" instead of "schriftart" ? ;)

Nur nicht aufgeben, Google ist mein Freund und wird auch bald deiner sein ;)
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Reply 4 years ago

I've chosen "German" when I created the instructable. Thought that would place it into the german section... hm

And I'm still puzzled, why Instructables.com tells me, I didn't post any instructables, while listing my instructable count as "1"


www.instructables.com/de lists my instructable correctly (under "Sie", the pedant to "You").

I think this is a bug, and I get a pro-account for finding it. :)