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Ghost riders in the sky Answered

I know that this probably isn't the perfect site to be asking for this, but I figure I'll give it a shot. I'd like to come up with a design for a picture I intend to create, which shows the Four Horsemen, except instead of horses, they're riding motorcycles. If anyone is familiar with The Outlaws' version of the song song "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky", I'd like it to fit in with that theme: hard-charging, kind of dark... you can tell from the atmosphere that they're Hell-riders. I'm trying to come up with a layout for it: how are the Horsemen arranged, what precisely do their bikes look like, where are they, and are they chasing the Devil's Herd of cattle? And should they even be the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, or just regular cowboys who were eternally damned, like the song goes? Both have different visual possibilities. So what I'm looking for is even the crudest drawings depicting one aspect of the picture that you think would be cool. Maybe you have the idea for the perfect shape and level of tattering to one Horseman's cowboy hat, and would like to suggest that. Maybe you think that if one of the guys was riding a Vincent, it'd be the most badass thing since open pipes. Chasing the cattle through a canyon, or idling at the top of a cliff looking down on the Devil's Herd? Any cool color palette you've seen? good reference photos? Stick figures are great. Here's what I have so far, although it can be changed no problem. Like I said, I'd like details of the coolest intake you can think of, the perfect instrument panels, the perfect trenchcoat for a rider. Any little detail, rendered in any level of quality. I'm considering showing them all riding along side each other, holding rifles, instead of the badly-perspectived parked scene shown here. Have the perfect design for the mountains? Toss it in! I plan on making these very huge, so don't worry about details being too small. You'll notice that I'd like to have one Indian, left-hand throttle bike, potentially a big twin, and potentially a Four, with fringed leater seat and saddlebags. I'd also like to have a stretch chopper with a king & queen seat, but I can't decide between a wide or a narrow tire. Notice how the Indian rider is holding his rifle in the second picture. I'd like to have him holding a gun, and at least one of the other guys having a pistol belt with two Colt Peacemakers. If anyone has a cool way of depicting that, please share. I am open to suggestion as to what the right rifle would be. You can also notice that in the second sketch, there is a Harley springer front end lurking in the background on the left, and I didn't draw the Indian rider's whole body, so that's actually Chopper Dude's rear wheel, not Indian Dude's head.



11 years ago

OKay..... For the angle, how bout a view from the clouds. Illustrate some small clouds, cirrus clouds would help to that dark atmosphere. Other idea: This might sound a bit complicated, but what one half is human, the other is half, think batman's two-face. I guess I have more ideas, but I want to know more about what you want to do....


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Oooh, I like the angle idea. I think having the two-face rider would work quite well. Maybe have him ride the stretch chopper, with a paint job similar to Sucker Punch Sally's/Sara Ray "Saint Mike" bike. Or natural patina, I'm not really sure. I'd definitely have him wearing the two Peacemakers and wearing a coat (duster?) like the singer is wearing in this video.

As for what I want to do, I want a big canvas that I can attach on my garage wall, (so somewhere between 4x6 and 7x12, depending on where I decide to put it), with a cool, detailed paint scheme featuring motorcycles being used like horses were in the Old West. In other words, modern-day outlaws riding iron horses towards/away from a timeless fate. I've got a few talented artists who could probably help out with whatever I can't do myself. That answer your question?


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Nother Idea, make the motorcycles slighty horse-like. The STrecht chopper would be perfect for that! I have soem more ideas, I'll tell you later. Hope it goes well!