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Giant 80's or 90's inspired costume ideas? Maybe Statue of Liberty or Stay Puft from Ghostbusters? Any other ideas? Answered

I want to make like an 8-foot tall Halloween costume based on a movie character from the 1980's or 1990's.

Any ideas and how you would go about building those ideas?

I was thinking a giant Statue of Liberty from Ghostbusters 2 but I did Ghostbusters last year...so something fresh would be great.

My only caveat is that it needs to make sense to be about 8 foot tall... I want to experiment with making a giant costume this year.




7 years ago

First thing I that comes to mind is Alien or the power loader with Ripley. Both have been done on here so should be a good place to start looking for insperation.


7 years ago

Not sure what you should make, but in order for it to be reasonably wearable at 8 feet tall, you'll need to make it from rigid styrofoam (the kind used in homes). You can buy it from any regular hardware store. For intricate areas, use a low expanding spray foam, allow it to dry and then sculpt the difficult areas out of the dried foam. That way the overall weight shouldn't be too bad, and the styrofoam is fairly strong. The only thing you'll have to do ahead of time is experiment with what type of paint or finishing material you can use, that will stick and allow you to finish your costume.

I hope that helps. :)