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Give me tips on studying. Answered

I am quite excited that school is going to start shortly ( there's not much to do in summertime ) and i would like some tips on how to stay organized and study effectively.


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Best Answer 8 years ago

Age, Country, subjects?

1. Pay attention in class - try to NEVER leave a classroom not understanding what went on - As a minimum try never to go to the next class on that subject not understanding what happened last lesson.

2. Take notes, collect handouts - Go home and that night re do that information in a separate subject book - try to cultivate a method of recording information that suits you but is quick to get the essential stuff down - I like mind maps 9spider diagrams) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_map

3. Don't be afraid to ask relevent questions - No one pays 100% attention - you may just miss something vital and need to have it repeated.

4. Be polite - Always ensure you understand and note down what your assignments are - when they need to be done by & GIVE yourself plenty of time to do them

5. Assuming your a little older it is worth putting your life on hold for a couple of years to get a good education - It will open many door for you later and you can catch up.

Don't procrastinate

Read a lot on your subjects even if the material isn't set

Try to be interested in the subjects - the more you find out the more you WILL be interested.

The best and highest students I ever taught were ORGANISED , know what to do and if uncertain came along and asked. They put in the time and got the end results.

Good luck.


4 years ago

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8 years ago

The best way to study for a DIFFICULT test is to make a stack of file-cards. Print a question on the front of the card and put the CORRECT answer on the back. Do not put multiple choice answers.... because you want to train your brain to only see CORRECT answers. After making a couple hundred of these flash-cards, you can go through them yourself one at a time. If you answer the question correct, put those in one pile. The ones you cant answer, place in a 2nd pile. After you go through them all, then you can just go through the pile you got wrong. Keep going through the "got-it-wrong" pile of cards untill you get most or all of them right. This method got me through SEVERAL difficult tests including FCC examinations, Ham-radio license tests, and several PASS-FAIL tests at AT&T that had HUNDREDS of cards to study. If i failed the test, i would loose the job. This method works.