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[Giveaway] Raspberry Pi 3 Mode B Giveaway, only 5 piece! Answered

This is the second time of Raspberry Pi 3 giveaway by Allchips. The first time each 5 boards of Raspberry Pi 3 & Banana Pi M3 & Panasonic Grid Eye will be given FREE for those who are hobbyists, engineers, makers, electronics engineer and students working on open source projects. You can see allchips facebook to see its active from begin to the delivery.

this is same to the first time:

Allchips Official Website active Link: https://www.allchips.ai/activity

Rules for details:
The activity time:Sept. 14~Sept. 24, 2017
The activity is for all countries except China
September 26th we will announce who will receive the final quota.

How to get a development board:
Posting or share about this giveaway. Be sure to use the hashtag #Allchips100 & Like on Facebook
Apply for the Development board – Raspberry Pi 3
Submit your application


1.How many development boards will you offer free ?
5 pieces in total.

2. On what rule will you give the development board?
The priority will be given under the following situations:
A. If you have experience with many open source development projects or you have a good idea and want to use our development boards in a cool/interesting project.
B. If you have many maker friends or schoolmates and like to share our actives & online shopping website with them.
C. If you have website or blog, can also help us advertise our forthcoming BOM Service & our activities.

3. How can I make sure I get the free development board?
On September 26th, the final result will be published in our website, and our Facebook official page. Our customer service people will also contact with you. Please make sure the right contact email or Facebook account is filled.

4. Do I have to pay for any extra cost if to get the free development board?
If you are lucky to win the development board, the product is offered all free. You just need to pay for the shipping cost only.


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