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Glass Bottle Ring Answered

Years ago a friend of mine showed me an easy way to pop the top off a glass bottle. The bit with the threads just snapped off. Now I can't remember how the heck she did it. I think she used two bottles and rubbed them together somehow. Does anyone know this trick? or another, also easy trick?



11 years ago

Yeah you can pop it off with a lighter/end of a spoon/fork/knife/table/wall/pliers/larger spanners/big bolts/flash drives/keys basically you can do it with tonnes of objects, I'm really bad for buying beer and not having a bottle opener to hand, granted one night I chewed through a really crappy and cheap lighter doing this, it survived up until beer 23... There are a few 'ibles out there but I could do another if you wish, since most are videos...


Reply 11 years ago

I think she meant popping off the glass rim of the bottle, not just the bottle cap! Yeah, I've done that before, but it's been a while. If I remember correctly, you just get two empty bottles, and rub the rims against each other. Needless to say, wearing these as an actual ring is not really advisable - even if you smooth out the sharp edges, you may still wind up with a handful of shards and blood if you accidentally knock into something, or grip something too hard...


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Also other tricks, so I told a few, that and I misread the first bit first time round, however as rings they're a bad idea, the lass is thin and weak so you're right about that handful of glass....