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Glass Desk Answered

So I'm in the middle of this rebuild of this stand up desk that I am finally getting around to. Now I tore off the old laminate, it was cracked so on, and so on. Now I was going to just put new laminate on it however, I sanded down the wood directly below and while I was rearranging my shop I  placed some glass I had laying around on top of it. Looking at it I realized I wanted to put glass on it instead of laminate.... (Thought process incase anyone is interested.... No one? Okay moving on.)

Two questions. 

What type of glass should I use for the desk. I know tempered glass is safer, however I also know it will break much easier. Plus, the glass wont be floating with nothing below it so its not like if it does break glass will go everywhere if I use normal glass. And I don't want to use plexiglass because I don't want to have to deal with scratches.  

Can I go to Home Depot and get glass cut to my dimensions needed for the desk?


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9 years ago

If there's any danger of the glass slipping off or if you're going to be lifting it up and putting pictures and things underneath it, you should get tempered glass. It's just not worth the risk to get window glass.

Tempered glass is also much harder to break. Not easier. It does tend to break into little pieces though, instead of large pieces, which is a good thing. Window glass could break fairly easy if you just put your coffee mug down without much care, drop your keys, metal pens, pliers on it. I really think tempered is the way to go.

I don't think so but give them a call to find out.

Otherwise, any glass, tile, mirror type shop would probably cut a sheet for you. Get the edges rounded off too. Again, it's just not worth saving a couple bucks to risk your fingers. Cut your finger, drop the glass that drops and guillotines your foot...soooo not worth it. Just do a google search for "custom cut glass " to find a few local shops.

You can also get glass desk tops from Ikea, cheap glass picture frames or mirrors from many places including Ikea, Walmart, etc.

Picture framing shops are another source to look into. They'll usually do special requests (glass with no frame) for a decent price if you ask nicely.