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Glass alternative Answered

I have a large map (55" x 40") that I am building a frame for, yet there's no way I can afford a piece of glass this large and am looking for cheap alternatives. I am aware of plexiglass, but am wondering if there is anything else out there. My last ditch resort is to laminate it, but do not like that idea to much for aesthetic reasons. Thanks



3 years ago

if you have a whole glass shop near your house you should be able to pick up at piece that big for about 30-50 bucks. Which is probably easier than an alt. ask them to cut the size for you out of a 48 x 60 sheet of single strength glass (thinnest and cheapest glass). or go to goodwill (thrift store) and see if you can salvage some from a frame there.


10 years ago

You might be able to find some nice clear acrylic, which does look better than plexiglass if it's the optical stuff used for prisms, though it scratches easily... If you take care with it plexiglass can look good but will eventually lose it's transparency to age, possibly stopped by keeping it out of the sun... You could also check out the dump for closely sized pieces and framing it within, old cabinets might appear...