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Glitch movie with accelerometer Answered

Hello all!

I'm making a chair that is once seated, it distorts/glitches the movie playing. Anyone knows if there's similar projects or tutorials I can follow? I got my parts ready and at the moment but I am lost as to how to start. 

Help, advices, links are all appreciated! 


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5 years ago

By glitch, I will assume a digital corruption, like when satellite TV is breaking up with a bad rainstorm.

My first thought would be to modify a HDMI cable, or other digital cable, and have a transistor switch and oscillator periodically cut out the signal on the differential trace, and inject lots of electrical noise too. That will totally corrupt the picture. Though be careful as you would not want to fry the HDMI ports, and you will need to make sure you do not inject too much noise otherwise the image may break up completly!


6 years ago


Getting variable input from your sensors would be the easy part. Did you want to do this realtime while the video is playing? For that you would probably have to manipulate the video equipment directly.