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Glow in the dark paint for styrofoam balls Answered

I made a Zelda-style fairy (as seen in this guide https://www.instructables.com/id/Zelda-Style-Fairy-In-A-Bottle/). I was thinking that I might be able to give the styrofoam ball a little more character when not lit up if I could give it a light coat of paint. If there's a glow in the dark paint I can use for this, even better. I don't want to add so much paint that it will smother the light when it's switched on.

I know spray paint will melt styrofoam, so that's out. Would I be able to sort of dry-brush acrylic paint used for miniatures onto it? I have a few pots of Citadel paint on hand, or I can always run to the craft store. Heck would food coloring work?
Or is the whole idea more trouble than it's worth?

Thanks for any help


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5 years ago

Hey! Listen!

You could sponge on water based acrylics. They are pretty cheap and they have a glow in the dark. Apple Barrel and Folk Art are a couple brands that make this. http://www.createforless.com/p-images/31/2014/062...

This will be very pale yellow with a greenish tint when dried. I think on a Styrofoam ball, it won't be very noticeable.

I think food coloring would not be a good idea. It will get into the air pockets and may leave a inky kind of mess. I don't think it would dry throughly, and if it got wet for any reason, the color would run.

I hope this helps!


Reply 5 years ago

Cool, thanks for the info! I'm actually headed out today to buy some stuff for a couple different projects I'm working on, so I'll keep an eye out for that stuff.