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Glue need 2 glue silicone sheet to glass Answered

Hi ,

I bought 7" square silicone flat pot holders and I want to glue them to the

bottom of my Wide mouth gallon sized glass jars to protect them from breaking easily

What kind of glue can I use?

A glue that will not seep thru the glass.. polluting my water

I am using the jars for holding distilled water

Thank you 4 your assistance


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1 year ago

No offense, but do it the other way around:
Get some silicone chaulk from your hardware store.
Put a good amount of it onto your glass use some old spatula, wooden stick or whatever to scrape it flat.
Whatever uneven spots are left you fix using your fingers dipped in a bit of soapy water.
Let cure for about a week in a ventilated area.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

How about RTV silicone?


Edit: Maybe I should be linking to "Silicone rubber" instead:

It is also called "silicone seal," or "silicone sealant," and it is commonly found in hardware stores. Certainly silicone will stick to silicone, and I am pretty sure it will stick to glass too. In fact, I think that is the traditional way aquarium tanks are manufactured; i.e. with flat rectangular panes of glass, glued to each other with silicone seal.

As for chemicals that will "seep thru" glass? Are you serious? The reason chemistry students, and professional chemists, use glass for their glassware, is because glass is inert and impervious to most chemicals.


Also, RTV silicone is not particularly toxic. I would be completely unworried about cured silicone, on the other side of a few millimeters of solid glass.


Reply 1 year ago

Have you ever tried to make silicone stick to silicone?
Let me know please how you managed to get the stuff to bond if one silicone part is already fully cured.
I only know a single method and can't recommend it due to the toxicity of the chemicals required.


1 year ago

Silicone basically sticks to nothing really well... Best i had was with silicone-chaulk (The silicone you use in the bathroom to seal edges) and use this a sort of glue...
Remember that often, this type of silicopne is very slow in setting.
But with your intended use thats no problem: Just add a ring or dab of the silicone on the glass, set it on the coaster and let it set for 24-36h.

If you want, you can use transparent (ish) silicone for less obvious glue-spots..