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Glue real flowers to a wooded crate Answered

I have been working on a project and am having difficulties maybe someone can give me some pointers. I have made wood crates and I want to glue dried flowers on them. However have run into many issues. Drying flowers is a art and currently all my dried pressed (all have to be pressed to glue onto crate) flowers look horrible. I use silica gel beads or borax and cornmeal. Any points or sites that show best drying pressed method or maybe I won’t have to do that....the flowers need a coat on them for protection from the sun as well as bumping. What glue can I cover a flower with that preserves them and protects them. Can I use clear silicone? Then no drying needed? Thanks


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11 months ago

I still prefer what my grandmother did...
Use a good sized book and place the flowers in there.
Forget them for a few weeks and enjoy them dry.
For bigger arrangements use copy paper,carboard other paper surces.
Anything not white should get a layer of white paper (towels) to prevent discoloration unless you are sure the colors won't transfer onto the plant material.

The keyis to have the stuff dry a bit first.
Preferably in a dark spot or box.
Before the material becomes brittle and cracks you place them between paper to dry.
If you need it really flat you even use weights on top.
IMHO the best protection is by vacuum sealing them in a thin, clear casting resin.
You can make a clay bed for the form with enough oversize and simply sand, file and polish off the excess around once fully cured.
Or make it like a blob with a lens shape finnish, an inlay....