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Can I use wood glue to cover a hardcover book with leather?



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1 year ago

Get some spray adhesive from your hardware store.
The kind that is supposed to grab and stick instantly when you put two covered (and dried) pieces together.
Take some old newspaper or cardboard and spray a thin layer of the glue on it - meaning one or two passes, not like paint to actually soak the surface.
Wait and check how long it takes to become tacky without pulling strings.
Remember that time and keep testing until it no longer feels tacky and sticky.
Waht is between those two times is what you need to work with for the next steps.

Apply a very thin and quick layer of spray glue both on the book and the leather.
If in doubt use some old cloth or similar to cover the ages on the open sides but should be fine without.
Before it goes fully dry and once it is no longer too sticky (time from above) apply a second layer, preferably at a 90° angle to the first round.
Don't let it dry now or wait!
Bring book and leather together quickly.
You will have about the same time as it took in your test to feel dry until you really can't move it anymore.
Be quick and accurate!
If you need or intent to fold the leather over the hardcover's sides then o this once the glue is fully dried in another round.
Check where you need glue on the cover and make a plastic or carboard cover for the middel part where don't want any glue.
Or just glue the entire side and put a nice white sheet over it when done ;)


1 year ago

no it wont work it will wreck the leather you need special glue you can find at craft store