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Glueing Plastic Syringes Answered


Most of you know the plastic medical syringes  (Terumo is a popular brand).  They are made of a plastic that I have not yet found a glue to work on.
Can anyone offer some suggestions?

A list I have tried includes
Contact cement,  Super glue, Bostic Vinyl cement,  Sil-poxy, Epoxy-Resin 2 part (Araldite)

So we are moving into the area of the exotics

Many thanks



9 years ago

They're PE or PP. If you can tell us what type of fixing / build you're after we might have a better idea.


Tool Using Animal

9 years ago

Did you try flash heating the surface first? I believe syringes are polyethylene. If you flash the surface with fire until it's glossy, you change the activation energy, making it much more glueable.

You can practice getting it right with water, when done properly a drop of water on the surface will "sheet" instead of beading up. Then go back and retry your glue selection.

PS don't flash and then glue later, the effect is temporary.  It's what I did with the bottle caps in my solar hydro project, and they held a significant load with just superglue