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GME TX3520 cuts out Answered

Hi all,

I have  GME TX3520 UHF fitted to my 4x4 lately I have noticed it wont turn on every time. It seems to work randomly and might go for a day with constant starting of the car but then it suddenly cuts out and wont start for a period of time.

Once or twice it has actually been on and cut out suddenly and without any interference or adjustments of anything close to it.

Any ideas on where to look?

Cheers and TIA ;)


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4 years ago

One more thing worth to mention here:
A lot of GME radios offer over and undervoltage protection.
On mine this is indicated by a beep and also a symbol on the remote microphone.
During and shortly after a high voltage event the radio will only transmit at minimum power to protect the TX module.
Several users of these devices reported that this protection can get stuck.
This results in the device only transmitting at 0.5W until turned off and on again as a "reset".
Best way to check this is with a few friends at different distances to you.
If at greater distance your signal is lost but comes back once you restarted the device the protection circuit is playing up.
If nothing at all changes but your signal is bad at long distances and distorted even at shorter distances then your TX module is to blame.

Hope this helps a bit more.


4 years ago

They have over and under voltage protection.
Might be worth to monitor the battery voltage while using the UHF to find out if the culprit is in your car and not the UHF.
Apart from that there are the usual suspect like screw connections, fuse holder, power plug o check.


Answer 4 years ago


I would add cracked traces and every lead-free Clinton edict solder join%t as additional usual suspects...