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GoDaddy Debate Answered

So, I recently posted a response converging my experience with the GoDaddy website company. Alluring responses from a couple of users prompted me to create this. Here, post your experience with GoDaddy Incorporated. Was it good? Bad? Overrated, as was mine? Warn people to stay away, or entice them with your stories of success; we want to know.


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11 years ago

As one of the instigators of said debate, here's a copy of my posting.
I've used GoDaddy (despite their slightly offensive, or at least juvenile, advertising philosophy) for two different domains and Web sites for non-profits.  I had no problems getting things set up or keep them going. 

Their tech support was even comfortable when I said, "I want to be able to upload using shell-scripts from my Unix box at home," and made sure FTP and Unix-login access worked correctly before I tried.